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Aici gasiti adresele de internet a principalilor furnizori.

Arată # 
1   Link   SNR (rulmenti)
With more than a century of experience, SNR is a major world-wide bearings manufacturer.
First bearings manufacturer to acquire the ISO 9001 certification, SNR is a pioneer of total quality.
2   Link   Codex (rulmenti, lanturi, adezivi)
CODEX, podjetje za trgovino in posredovanje d.o.o.
3   Link   Optibelt (curele de transmisie)
The Arntz Optibelt Group based in Höxter (North Rhine Westphalia) in Germany supplies premium products for all types of drive systems.
With their system technology, engineering and service, Optibelt has been setting standards for decades. In addition to this, Optibelt also develops special drive solutions for customer-specific applications.
4   Link   Rubena (curele de transmisie)
Today ´s RUBENA a.s. Hradec Králové was founded in 1999 by a merger of two up to then independent subjects, one of them was RUBENA Náchod, and the other GUMOKOV Hradec Králové.
The rubber industry in Náchod has a long tradition. Already in 1908 Josef Kudrnáč started the production of lubricans, seals, and other rubber products. In 1923 he took Ing. Jaroslav Haukaf as a partner, and together they started the production of technical rubber and subsequently other rubber products. In 1928 these two partners parted – Jaroslav Hakauf went to Hradec Králové and Josef Kudrnáč started the production of bicycle tyres and tubes in Náchod. In 1929 Kudrnáč Co. produced the first Czech car tyre and tube.
5   Link   Temac (placi, snur de etansare)
Temac is a leading Central European manufacturer and distributor of industrial and automotive sealings and gaskets used mainly in power engineering, chemical, gas, oil and petrochemical industries. Based on the deployment of new technologies and a broad range of international quality certifications, Temac’s list of customers includes companies such as Volkswagen Group, Daewoo Avia, Federal Mogul, Slovnaft, Shell, the Unipetrol Group and a various subsidiaries of the Royal Econosto/Erics group.
6   Link   KTT (simering si o-ringuri)
The activity of the KTT Ltd. Founded in 1980 is dual: Manufacturing of seals – mainly rotating radial seals. Trading with seals and technical goods as rotating seals, O- rings ect.